About the company

Fresh Foods Trading is a Libyan company based in Misurata, Libya with several branches in the western region of Libya. It is an authorized agent for several international companies in the field of food industries. The company imports fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables in all kinds and distributes them inside Libya.

Fresh Foods Trading Company is keen to select the products very carefully with high quality that is the first and most important criterion in the choice of the products, particularly the ones imported to the Libyan market in the belief that our customers deserves these products. The company has a sales team and experienced marketing researchers to make the needs of the market and consumers available and their aspirations in terms of product development and efficiency, and the company has a fleet of transport equipped covering the entire western region of Libya.

The administrative bases of the company

The right and proper management is the best way to succeed. From this point of view, Fresh Food Trading Company adopted a clear and systematic plan to provide the best business plan based on specific visions and perceptions to achieve its mission and ensure its emergence as a registered trademark within the Libyan market.

  1. Company vision

    Fresh Foods Trading Company is the first company in Libya to obtain the agencies of the companies with the highest quality products in the market. The company imports the best types of fruits and vegetables, whether fresh or frozen and distributes them in the Libyan market.

    Fresh Foods Trading Company is a Libyan brand that contributes the economic growth in the Libyan market.

  2. Company's mission

    Our mission is to continually strengthen the relationship with our customers by offering them superior quality products, developing the company’s services and expanding the branch network and offices to meet the needs of existing customers and reach out to all prospective customers.

  3. The goals of the company

    We aim to achieve the status of total satisfaction of our consumers and provide them with high quality against the value paid by the customers and maintain the share of Fresh Foods Trading in the Libyan market and to work on the growth of this share and the growth and development of the company and its team as a whole.

  4. Values of the company

    The company and its employees believe in a group of professional values and principles that have helped Fresh Foods Trading not only achieve a high level of success in its field, but also helped to establish a relationship of trust with its customers, suppliers and employees.

Obligations of the Company

  • The company is committed to the implementation of quality management system and food safety.
  • The company follows all that is new in the import of foodstuff and fruit to develop this system.
  • The company aims to secure various sources of foodstuff, taking into consideration the safety and good quality of the products and according to the prices applicable in the Libyan market.
  • Continuous improvement in quality management system, food safety and process performance, to reduce service costs, to increase competitiveness, to expand marketing opportunities and keen to meet customers satisfaction.
  • Providing the appropriate conditions and services for employees to increase their affiliation and cooperation in the application of quality control systems and achieve the objectives of quality and food safety.
  • Constant commitment to customers whether quality performance or the nature of products and high quality imported to enhance confidence with them.
Our Team

The Company Board of Director

Mahmoud Barakat
General Manager
Izz al-Din al-Farjani
Sales Manager
Ahmed AlGAED
Executive Director
180Class of food
4Central branches
3Major stores
Company licenses

Administrative and legal information


Year of incorporation

The company was established as a Libyan shareholding limited liability company with a capital of Five Million Libyan Dinars.


License number

The company obtained its commercial license to operate within the Libyan market under the name of (Fresh Company for Foodstuff Trading LLC).


Commercial Registration Number

Commercial registration and advertising in the Libyan market.


Chamber of Commerce membership number

Adopting the company as one of the registered members of the Federation of Chambers of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture of Libya.


Supplier membership number

Registration and accreditation of the company in the membership of the Register of Libyan importers in the field of supplying food, fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen.


Customs Statistics No.

Registration and accreditation of the company in the Statistics Register at the Libyan Customs Authority as one of the authorized importers in the field of food imports.

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