Product quality

We provide the best and you give us trust … to keep our motto .. Best Quality is first and always

Fresh Foods Trading Company is always proud to choose the best food products that have been manufactured according to the most accurate international industrial standards. The company gives great importance to quality and health in choosing its suppliers of food commodities in order to maintain the safety of the products and introduce natural fresh and healthy products.

The message of Fresh Foodstuff Trading Company is clear from the beginning, and this message is still a cornerstone in the construction of this company to become at the forefront of companies supplying and importing foodstuff in the Libyan market by keeping up with the highest quality standards in the selection of the products, and to introduce a good quality that gains customers satisfaction and Investor's trust.

Ahmed AlGAED - Executive Director

As each market has its own requirements and each country has its own resources, "Fresh" is always keen to satisfy all customers tastes by providing high quality products that meet consumers expectations and provide creative options as well as maintain and develop the company's assets and provide resources necessary for growth and expansion.

Izz al-Din al-Farjani - Sales Manager

We Fresh Foodstuff Trading Company have succeeded in making our business a prestigious one, with all our agricultural products and various food products being supplied. Our key achievement has been our constant endeavor to exceed our customers' expectations.

Mahmoud Barakat - General Manager