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Fresh Foods Trading Company is always proud to choose the best food products that have been manufactured according to the most accurate international industrial standards. The company gives great importance to quality and health in choosing its suppliers of food commodities in order to maintain the safety of the products and introduce natural fresh and healthy products.

Fresh Foods Trading Company offers you a wide range of fresh and frozen food products from vegetables, fruits and meat.

Whole Chicken
Kofta fingers

Chicken Kofta fingers

Fingers of chicken meat

Fingers of Spiced chicken meat Dish

Mixed BBQ grill

Chicken kofta + kebab

Cordon Bleu

Chicken breast stuffed with cheese (Cordon Bleu)

Chicken Leg Special
Full chicken wings
Cubed Thighmeat
Kofta spiced

Chicken spiced kofta pieces

Thigh Shish Kabab
Chicken Nugget

Chicken Nugget

Chicken Burger

Frozen Chicken Burger Strips

Chicken breast with bone
Breast Fillet with Skin
Thigh Shank
Skinless Thigh Shank